Appnexus Login: A Guide to Navigating the Xandr Transition

The world of advertising technology is ever-evolving, and so are the platforms that power it. Appnexus, once a prominent name in the field, has transitioned its functionalities to Microsoft’s Xandr platform. This article sheds light on the Appnexus login situation, guiding you through the changes and ensuring a smooth experience when accessing your advertising needs.

Understanding the Appnexus to Xandr Shift

For many advertisers and publishers, Appnexus served as a trusted platform for managing their advertising campaigns. However, in 2023, Microsoft acquired Appnexus, integrating its functionalities into their Xandr advertising suite. This move aimed to streamline the ad tech landscape and offer a more comprehensive solution.

Important information for legacy Appnexus users

If you were a previous Appnexus user, the following points are crucial to understand:

  • Sunsetting of the Legacy Console: The original Appnexus console platform, accessible at “,” is no longer functional. Microsoft has retired this platform in favor of the Xandr platform.
  • New Login Process: For Xandr products (Xandr Invest DSP, Xandr Monetize, and Xandr Curate), you’ll need to sign in using a Microsoft Services Account. This account offers several benefits:
  • Streamlined Login: No more managing separate login credentials for different platforms.
  • Enhanced Security: Microsoft accounts benefit from robust security measures.
  • Unified Access: A single Microsoft Services account grants access to all your Xandr member accounts.

The transition to Microsoft accounts is likely to occur by June 16th, 2023. If you haven’t already, you’ll need to migrate to this new login system to access Xandr functionalities.

You can access Xandr using your Microsoft Services account.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to access Xandr using your Microsoft Services account:

  1. Visit the Xandr Platform: Use this link to navigate to the Xandr Invest platform: Xandr Invest.
  2. Locate the “Sign In” button on the Xandr platform homepage. Click on “Sign In.”
  3. Make Use of Your Microsoft Services Account: You will have the opportunity to log in using your Microsoft Services account. Use the same email address associated with your previous Appnexus account for a smooth login experience.

Troubleshooting login issues

If you face difficulties logging in with your Microsoft Services account, here are some troubleshooting tips:

  • Double-Check Credentials: Ensure you’re using the correct email address and password associated with your Microsoft Services account.
  • Reset Your Password: If you’ve forgotten your Microsoft Services Account password, you can initiate a password reset process through Microsoft’s account management portal.
  • Contact Xandr Support: Xandr provides comprehensive support for its users. If the aforementioned solutions don’t resolve your login issue, reach out to Xandr’s support team for further assistance. On the Xandr website, you can find their contact information.

Beyond Login: Additional Resources for Xandr Users

Transitioning from Appnexus to Xandr can involve changes in functionalities and user interfaces. Here are some helpful resources for Xandr users:

  • Xandr Documentation: Xandr maintains a comprehensive library of documentation covering various aspects of the platform, including login procedures, campaign management, and troubleshooting guides. You can access these resources through the Xandr website.
  • Xandr Training Resources: To help users navigate the platform’s features effectively, Xandr offers training resources and webinars. To maximize your Xandr experience, explore these resources.
  • Xandr Community: Xandr fosters a user community where you can connect with fellow users, share experiences, and find answers to your questions.


While the shift from Appnexus to Xandr may require some adaptation, the new platform offers a robust suite of advertising tools. By utilizing the login process outlined above and exploring the available resources, you can ensure a seamless transition and continue managing your advertising campaigns effectively within the Xandr ecosystem.