American odds in sports betting – what it is and how to use it

Most modern esports bookmakers from Europe use the convenient and understandable decimal system for setting odds, making it widely accessible for both players and fans to view and analyze. However, this method is not the only one. Considering the development of games in this field and their popularity among fans, the most well-known bookmaker organizations have begun to work with various formats of odds formation and provision that would be understandable to both players and fans. Moreover, payment systems have become very diverse, and everyone can choose according to their taste, for example, bookmakers with Neteller.

One of the recognized models is the American odds system, used in sports betting. We’ll talk about it further.

American odds – what’s the essence?

It’s a specific, meticulously calculated format of odds from all participating bookmakers, which displays the potential likelihood of an outcome. It’s determined by applying a method that takes into account the potential profit with a stake of 100 units and a certain amount of the bet made.

This coefficient is displayed as the potential prize on bets in one or another bookmaker. In global quotes, it is indicated with the symbols “+” or “-“, for example, +200 or -300.

As mentioned earlier, all American odds can be either positive or negative. This means that:

  • The “+” sign lets the bettor understand that this is the net profit they can get from their hypothetical $100 bet;
  • The “-” sign shows the player the amount of the bet they need to make in order to receive their desired profit of $100.

It’s worth noting that the concept of American odds is gradually disappearing from the territory of the USA, giving way to traditional betting display systems. Recently, bookmakers have been using classic betting formats more and more frequently, including English or European ones.

How to convert american odds to decimal?

Many bettors, when dealing with bets, wonder how to convert the value of American odds to European? The answer is quite simple – you just need to divide it by 100, and then add one to the resulting number. For example, if the odds look like +360, then after dividing it by 100 and adding one, you get 4.6. It’s worth mentioning that the American odds format will suit those players who have dealt with it before and understand all the nuances. Others are better off using the standard decimal format. Nevertheless, to broaden your horizons, it’s worth learning something new in this area. After all, the information obtained can be useful and lead to an increase in your own budget.