Zoro TV: A Free and Illegal Anime Streaming Site

Zoro TV: Anime is a popular form of animation that originated in Japan and has a worldwide fan base. Anime fans often look for ways to watch their favorite shows and movies online, preferably for free. One of the websites that claimed to offer this service was Zoro TV, also known as Zoro.to or Zoro Aniwatch.

Zoro TV was a free anime streaming site that allowed users to stream and download thousands of English subbed and dubbed anime series in ultra HD quality. It did not require any registration or payment, and it also claimed to be ads-free and virus-free. However, Zoro TV was an illegal website that did not have the rights to distribute the anime content it hosted. It violated the intellectual property rights of the anime creators and distributors, and it also exposed users to potential legal risks and cyber threats.

What happened to Zoro TV?

Zoro TV was shut down in late 2023, likely due to the pressure from the authorities and the anime industry. Several users reported that they could no longer access the website and that it redirected them to a different domain. Some speculated that Zoro TV was rebranded or acquired by another team, but there was no official confirmation from the original developers.

The new domain that Zoro TV redirected to was Aniwatch.to, a similar anime streaming site that also offered free and illegal access to anime content. However, Aniwatch.to also disappeared after a few months, and users were left wondering what happened to their favorite streaming service. Some users found another alternative site at Zorox.to, which had the same user interface as the previous Zoro TV, but it was unclear if it was related to the original website or not.

Is Zoro TV safe and legal?

The answer is no. Zoro TV, Aniwatch.to, Zorox.to, and any other similar websites that offer free and illegal anime streaming are not safe and legal. They infringe on the copyrights of the anime creators and distributors, and they also put users at risk of malware, identity theft, and legal action.

Users who stream or download anime from these websites are violating the law and could face fines or imprisonment. They are also harming the anime industry and the artists who work hard to produce quality content. By supporting these websites, users are discouraging the legal and ethical ways of consuming anime, such as subscribing to official streaming platforms or buying DVDs and Blu-rays.

How to watch anime legally and safely?

The best way to watch anime legally and safely is to use the official streaming platforms that have the licenses to distribute the anime content. Some of the most popular and reliable platforms are:

  • Crunchyroll: A global leader in anime streaming, Crunchyroll offers over 1,000 titles of anime, manga, and drama, with simulcasts of the latest episodes from Japan. It has both free and premium plans, with the latter offering ad-free, HD, and offline viewing options.
  • Funimation: A subsidiary of Sony Pictures Entertainment, Funimation is another major anime streaming platform that specializes in dubbing and distributing anime. It has a vast catalog of anime, including popular titles like My Hero Academia, Attack on Titan, and Demon Slayer. It also has free and premium plans, with the latter offering ad-free, GHD Sports,¬† and offline viewing options.
  • Netflix: A global giant in online entertainment, Netflix also has a growing collection of anime, both original and licensed. Some of the notable anime titles on Netflix are The Seven Deadly Sins, Death Note, and Cast levania. Netflix requires a monthly subscription fee, but it offers unlimited access to its content, with HD and offline viewing options.

These are just some of the examples of the official streaming platforms that offer legal and safe anime viewing. There are also other platforms that cater to specific regions or genres of anime, such as HIDIVE, Anime Lab, and VRV. Users can choose the platform that suits their preferences and budget, and enjoy anime without any guilt or worry.