What is LOL Betting? Popular LOL Betting Options Today

LOL betting is an exciting form of entertainment that attracts the attention of many players worldwide, especially within the League of Legends gaming community. However, to participate in LOL betting, players need to understand the rules of the game and the popular betting options. In this article, we will explore what LOL betting is and what types of bets are available.

What is LOL Betting?

LOL betting is the act of placing bets on League of Legends matches – one of the world’s most famous video games. Players can bet on various options such as: betting on the winning team, betting on the exact score, handicap betting, over/under betting, etc. If the prediction is correct, players will receive winnings based on the amount of money bet and the odds offered by the bookmaker.

LOL betting allows players to place bets on the outcomes of League of Legends matches, from small tournaments to major events like the World Championship, MSI (Mid-Season Invitational), and regional tournaments like LCK (Korea), LPL (China), LCS (North America), LEC (Europe),…

Popular LOL Betting Options

There are various types of LOL bets, each with its own characteristics and odds. Some of the most popular betting options include:

  • Moneyline Bets: This is the simplest type of bet, where players bet on which team will win the match without concerning the exact score. However, the odds for this type of bet are usually not high due to its predictability.
  • Handicap Betting: Handicap betting applies when one team is stronger than the other. The bookmaker will offer a “handicap” or a certain number of points handicap, for example, the stronger team must win by more than the points set by the bookmaker to “win the bet.”
  • Over/Under Betting: Players bet on the total points or total “kills” in the match being over (Over) or under (Under) a specific number set by the bookmaker. This type of bet is popular and more challenging than betting on the winning team. The odds for this type of bet are usually higher due to its unpredictability.
  • First to Achieve Bets: Betting on which team will achieve “First Blood” (first kill), destroy the first tower, or kill the first Dragon in the match.
  • Special Bets: Other special bets may be based on specific events in the match, such as which team will secure the first Baron Nashor, the total number of Dragons a team kills in the match, or the number of “towers” a team destroys.

Things to Note When Betting on LOL

When participating in LOL betting, players should note the following:

  • Choose a Reputable Bookmaker: Choose a legally licensed and reputable website to ensure safety. Among the LOL betting websites available today, Fun88 is rated as the most reputable and high-quality address. Fun88 allows players to bet on all LOL tournaments worldwide with diverse betting options, competitive odds, and many attractive promotions. The latest ทางเข้า Fun88 is updated at https://www.randyvoepel.org/.
  • Knowledge of the Game: To make accurate betting choices, players must have a good understanding of the game, the competing teams, and the players. Also, you should analyze the match carefully before betting.
  • Manage Your Betting Budget: Set a specific budget for LOL betting and always adhere to it, absolutely do not bet too much money on a single match but allocate the budget to bet in several different matches.
  • Analyze the Match Before Betting: Always take the time to analyze and research before betting, including considering the current form of the teams, head-to-head history, and other factors that may affect the outcome of the match.


LOL betting is an interesting and highly challenging form of entertainment. Players can participate in betting by predicting the outcomes of LOL matches and placing bets on various predictions such as betting on the winning team, betting on the exact score, over/under betting, handicap betting, etc. However, when participating in LOL betting, players should choose reputable addresses like Fun88 https://www.randyvoepel.org/ to ensure safety and have the best experience.